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Ive grown onions for years with no problem but since moving to Hungary im having big prolems. Firstly I get alot that bolt but my biggest problem is why do they split. By that I mean when I go to peel them theres 2 onions under the skin and where they join each has a flat side which then means they are quite small. Im sure last year I grew stuttgart (not alot of choice here) and from May to August its extremly hot 75 to 100.


Hallo galest, it sounds to me like you were sold shallots instead of onions. Shallots sold in supermarkets here in Switzerland also contain 2 bulbs.


Oh no Swiss Sue they grow the size of a Jaffa Orange so big like a normal onion wld be but as I said alot when peeled have split inside (obviously while at the growing stage) their skin to to make 2 onions.

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