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I saw a kit on a gift website, for growing psychodelic veg. It consisted of things like Purple Carrot, Stripy Tomatoes, Brightlights Swiss Chard, Yellow Courgettes, Red Brussels Sprouts, and peat pots to grow them in. What I'd like to do, as a present, is make this kit up myself, as a gift. What's the best site for ordering seeds, etc. online?

Thank you SwissSue. On it now.


If you have any Tesco clubcard vouchers £5 becomes  £15 to spend at T&M


I really should read the guff Tesco send me!  Thanks FB 



I think that what seeds I will need this next year will be coming this way. I'm looking at the seed tub, and thinking I need a packet of labels and get the labelling machine out. Then I will be ready to go in the Spring.

 I doubled up clubcard vouchers to get a new hosepipe earlier on in the year, but tripling to get seeds sounds good to me. I won't be buying any plants from T&M as  I have learnt a very expensive lesson there.

 Seeds, cuttings from friends and neighbours, and plants I can see before I buy  next year.

Jim Macd

 Those gift boxes are just that though. They are really novelty items. Sure the seeds in side are still viable seeds but I wouldn't buy it as a gift if you want someone to be encouraged to grow veg unless you can get them not to follow the instructions. They come with a few peat pots which are woefully inadequate for purpose.


Don't want to be a downer but I converted £15 of Tesco vouchers three weeks ago but despite numerous attempts I can't get the T & M website to process my order.  I have phoned T & M, written to them, emailed them and still can't get anyone to help me.  So rather than being quids in with £45 of plant stuff I am effectively £15 of tesco vouchers poorer.  T & M have to have the worst customer services department in the world.  I have even resorted to sending screen captures proving I'm not entering the vouchers incorrectly but, so far, nothing except generic replies of how to use the internet correctly.  When I lost my temper, pointed out I was an IT manager and was perfectly capable of using a website, thank you very much, my generic replies dried up to deathly silence.  One little ray of hope though, after giving up on T & M, I wrote to Tescos instead and copied my email to T & M and, surprise, surprise, today got an email from them requesting further info and offering to help, so who knows...


Perseverence pays off.  

Jim Macd

The bigger the company the smaller the customer. 

BTW what is going on here?  


 = secret (whispering into ear) - is that what you were asking? 

Jim Macd

Yes, lol, an ironic one then.  Ah, just found if you hover the mouse of them it explains them. Thanks Dove. 

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