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i have  a oullins golden gage, I have had it 3 years and it has always produced gages. this year however it has put on a enormous ammount of growth but didn.t produce any blossom at all. I have it alongside a victoria and a czar plum which both flowered well and ae setting fruit. Any ideas as to why ?

Sometimes when they have put on a lot of growth they dont flower . they have put everything into new growth . So next year you should have a plum year . I have both plum and apple it works out that I either have an apple year or a plum year .Its not ofton I have both . But youl find your plum is worth waiting for !


The only plum I find is reliable is good old Victoria. I have a gage, but rarely get any fruit.   It may be for the chop.

Thanks .I will have to be patient. It has always been a poor weedy specimen but produced must have double in size at least this year !  Fingers crossed for a bumper crop next year


None for me either



I think that some fruit trees just didn't get enough warm sun last summer to ripen the wood sufficiently to produce fruiting buds for this year 

Fingers crossed things are improving this year 

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