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It won't hurt but the most important thing for the next few months is warmth and light.

Passionfruit and flower are the same thing? I have a large vine on the side of my house and it has lovely flowers, but the fruits are not worth it. The ones that have orange fruits have the most stunning flowers, but the least edible fruits (well, all passion fruits are edible, some are just not worth it). I am considering cutting it back this year, if I can manage before the first frost as it has lost a couple of branches last winter and looks a bit messy. It grows at the same speed as bind weed.... so it should cover that wall again well. 

I love the fact that it flowers and bears fruit until well into November. I have a north facing garden which is 90% in the shade all day and it is doing so well. I have never fed or watered it, it actually grows in a pot and seems to be drought, flood and cold tolerant. 

I have heard that the purple passion fruit plant is a bit more delicate. Maybe try and grow one inside on the windowsill over the winter, so it is a bit bigger when you plant it out? I have also noticed that even though I let all of the fruit fall to the ground, not one plant has ever appeared. It is obviously not easy to grow from seed. 


To get botanical for a bit, what are commonly called passionfruit vines and passion flower vines are related. The genus is Passiflora, commonly called Passion Flower, and there are goodness knows how many species, one of which is the delicious passionfruit. 

Bubba Ray


 It started to flower a month ago so the other night I went out and took these. 



They look lovely. My plant turned into a bully, taking over the garden, popping up 20 and 30 yards away from the mother plant. Keep an eye on it. 


Bubba Ray

Thank you Italophile.

I planted it in 2012 and only covered a 5" X 5" trellis but this year its grew and grew as I wanted to train it to the garage wall. It's nearly covered the garage so will train it around the front of the house and then along the other garage at the other side. There is also a honeysuckle mingled in.

Purchased this plant at Butterfly came with a caterpillar and was beautiful...a few days later  a cocoon  developed and many more caterpillars showed up.  The plant was completely covered with caterpillars and now the flowers have all fallen off and the leaves are all eaten up.  What to do?

Leave well alone I'd suggest.

If you purchased the plant from Butterfly World, you were buying it to raise Butterflies I assume ?  Have any of the caterpillars "come out" ?

May be better to start a new thread as this one is relating to growing edible fruit rather than raising Butterflies.  Good luck with yours

Thanks...will do!

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