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Help,Bought the pear tree from a well known seed company at the beginning of the year and so far the fruit looks like there apples, I am new to fruit growing but surely they should Be pear shaped!!! 




Looks like apple to me-to be 100% sure cut one open-you will soon tell

Then back to the company


Sadie- oops!! Hope you get a resolution with the company - I expect it happens quite frequently. With any luck they'll send you a pear and you've got a bargain -assuming you wanted an apple tree that is! 


Must be a regular occurence, we bought plums and got cherries instead.

When I complained the company said " sometimes they throw odd fruit in the first year, wait another twelve months and see what comes then".

I made them change the trees straight away.



I got a garden bargain stella cherry that turned out to be a PEAR.  I got  a reply from the company that I could keep the PEACH !!!! and they sent another cherry tree (but the following season)

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