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I have a young conference  pear that I am fan training.     It has not bloomed yet but has made a lot of side shoot growth this year off all of the fanned branches.    I understand that these side shoots have to be pruned hard in order to encourage fruit spurs.      What time of the year should this be done?

Pears do not need much pruning in the first early years apart from normal leader tipping to give better growth and in the direction you want to go. They are usually two or three years old when bought and will be already partly trained.
We had pear trees trained to a West facing wall in a sheltered garden that is the North East of England although the experts say they are no good North of the Trent, they fruited well for us but where already old when I remember them.
Try the RHS on line for pruning tips.


Thanks Guys.     I follow the advice given and tackle it a bit later in the Autumn.

Am I right in thinking that I heard there is a pear tree suitable to train as an espeliar on a North facing wall?  I'd like to put one against the back of the house and the other on a free standing panel, which will get sun from behind.

To compound the problem we are 250m above sea level and slighlty exposed to the elements, though based South West.

Can anyone advise.


Many thanks.




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