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can anyone help? My pear tree has curled leaves with red lumps, is this a fungi or aphids?, I cannot see any aphids. Apart from this it looks well and has had its pottash and it isn't dry

It's something they catch from spores which one year live on the pear tree and the following year on a near by juniper tree.  I think there is a spray for it but your tree should not be affected next year and if someone near by has a juniper it will keep happening.  You can remove and burn/get rid of the infected leaves if you catch it early enough.  I think it can reduce fruit yield but isn't a major problem, just unsightly. Sorry I can't remember the name, I noticed this affected my tree last year.

Pear Trellis Rust, that's it!

Thanks very much I thought I may loose my tree. they say gardening is a relaxing past time!


The newer shoots on my baby espaliered pear have curled leaves - also greenfly - I'm dealing with the greenfly with my usual washing up liquid spray, but I'm wondering whether the curled (tightly rolled) leaves are solely  due to the aphids or whether it's a boron deficiency - shall I add some fertilizer containing boron and if so which one - I usually just use FB&B and manures. 

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