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Your message didn't appear.  I think quince is used as a rootstock on pear trees, but I don't think it is used as a pollinator.

I know nothing about this so I'm open to correction.  Look on the RHS site; there they will give the pear pollinators;  some pears self-fertile some diploid and some triploid.  This is entirely from memory so I suggest you do some research.

flowering rose

I have self fertilizing Quince and I have a pear,so I am hoping this year the pear will produce.

hi, thanks for the replies, basically I have a very small garden with a large wall and I hoped I would get away with planting one large trained tree. I already have a quice growing along my fence and couldn't find anything about cross polination though I know it is used as a root stock. I suspect it isn't going to work. I'll have a look at the RHS website as suggested. thanks for your help. 

Not sure quince will pollinate pears but I have a sense it does. Against a wall an espalier pear would do well. Got room for two? I grow espalier and a couple of cordons that take up minimal room and look good, I think.



I'm fairly certain that quince will not pollinate pears - I've checked and double checked on the web and can't find anything about this and I'd have thought that if it worked there'd be something out there.  

I'm  growing a Concorde pear as an espalier 'fence' along one side of our terrace - it is self-fertile but I hope it will be 'helped' by our neighbour's Conference which is in the right pollination group.

I'm with Verdun, I'd go for a couple of cordons if you don't have room for anything bigger 

I've learned something new today. Just assumed because pears are grafted on to quince stocks that quince would help pollinate them. Eating your own pears is a far more enjoyable experience than shop bought ones
Thanks for the advice, I'll have a look at a couple of cordons and see if I can squeeze them in, lots of nice blossom and hopefully a few pears can' t be bad!

Cheers Janet.

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