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no blossom on my 3 year old pear tree this year but very lush new growth,last year got 8 fruits so had good hopes for this season.

What variety?  Do you prune correctly?  Any other varieties to help pollination?

flowering rose

my pear tree and my neighbours have had very little blossom this year but my apple trees are laden as is my Quince tree.


My pear tree has no blossom this year but I only planted it last year so I'm not concerned.  I think last summer's lack of sun means that a lot of fruit trees' wood didn't ripen sufficiently to produce blossom buds this year.

my pear trees and apple trees are laden with blossom but peach and plums are non existent they are all pruned by a professional fruit grower(not me) I am thinking of moving the peach tree this year as last year I only had 8 peaches and they were attacked by wood lice. Its on a sth facing wall but I am thinking of putting it in greenhouse.

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