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Can someone tell me why my row of peas always come through patchy.  I sow my peas with plenty of seed but still get gaps.

Morning Brian

Are they sown outdoors?  

Could be mice....although they would have eaten the lot....but soil comditions, too wet for example, could be responsible

I sow indoors and then plant out when 3 or 4" high.  No gaps then 

Outdoor, I do not think it is mice. I was thinking it might be something lacking in the soil. I have been told peas do not like compost.

No expert

Sow your pea seed in a tray and plant out the seedlings. No gaps.


Thanks for your advice. I will try sowing in a tray and plant seedlings


if you get mice trouble dip the peas in paraffin then plant mice won touch em.old allotment trick it works 

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