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Hello all again.

i have planted chillies and peppers from seed and they have been growing nicely but haven't got any flowers or fruit yet.... Anyone know when this will happen...??



Should be visible soon if not now ................if you prod about at the top of your plant, you should be able to distinguish some flower buds forming. Hope so anyway.

I know I was late sowing mine but most are showing at least buds........some already flowering and fruiting .

A Chilli expert will be along soon to give your further advice

Steve 309

...but in the meantime, when did you sow them?  They do take a long time.  On the other hand, I believe they're perennial so provided you can keep them frost-free you should get an earlier crop next year.

Those pots look a bit small to me.


Pot size shouldn't be a problem - I have 3-4 plants in each pot not much larger than that one I think. Sowed my seeds indoors in March and then put in green house about May. Plants are now all full of chillies.

The leaves of the pictured plants do look rather large so must be a different type to mine. Perhaps they are late flowering variety. I have grown later flowering/fruiting types before and remember harvesting well into October.

On the downside, perhaps the seeds were sterile - were they from a packet or from a chilli?

Seeds bought from Internet. Sown in March in a propagator and then pricked out into small pots then transferred to larger ones. I bought pepper,jalapeño and chillies but didn't label them they have been in greenhouse but put them outside today to hopefully bring them on etc.....     


How can the seeds be sterile if they germinated? I agree, the pot on the right certainly looks small.
Novice my Jalape??os are full of chillies now - of the selection I'm growing they are the ones that flowered first and I'm sure have been for several weeks now. In comparison my purple riots are only just starting to flower.

You haven't been feeding them or looking after them too well have you?

I'll repot the small one then... I've been watering every day and night etc and with tomato feed to? Am i doing something wrong then? 

Chris 11

Your plants look very healthy, and that's a possible explanation.

If they were potted up while they still had plenty of room, and have had plenty of water and food, then the plants will be focusing all their energies on lush green growth and getting bigger. That might explain your plants being slightly later in flowering and fruiting.

Don't go too far the other way, I don't agree with some people thinking they should let the plants wilt and starve to provoke them into last ditch survival attempts to produce fruit and therefore seed. Get the right balance, no need for physiological damage that will harm the plant.

But possibly reduce the watering and stop the feeding until flowers and fruit start forming. One good watering will probably be better than both day and night. Apart from very hot days, it's ok to let the compost partly dry out in between.




Great info Chris. Thank you. Thanks all.... Hopefully update you with pics and flowers ha. Only my first year growing things but have got plenty of toms and green beans etc just need the chillies now


Novicegreen, Chris is right. Give them a break from the food and drink. They're like toms, best left to their own devices as much as possible.

How often should I water? I thought for toms it should be little and often?


Toms should be watered on an as needs basis. Don't water by rote. If in pots, you can afford to let the mix dry out within reason. As long as patterns are consistent. Mix should never be constantly damp. If in the ground, they should be watered infrequently but deeply.

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