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Is there anything better and more delicious than a homegrown radish? Discuss!


Yes. Almost anything.....!!

sorry reb 

How about Broad Beans (Claudia), Tomatoes (Gourmet and/or Gardener`s Delight), Runner Beans or Spring Cabbage. The list is endless!


A big bowl of home grown raspberries with cream



A huge bar of chocolate.

TinaTurner wrote (see)

A huge bar of chocolate.



The rasps and cream - with you there fidget.

PS hope you had some success today 


reb4, I agree with you; and have been using the radish leaves in the juicer and some that flowered are in a vase in the kitchen. Also made radish soup from the big white radishes and their leaves, it tastes like the best pea soup

Radish soup...there's an idea, thank you.

Toblerone.....all on its own, delicious chocolate, that's Toblerone.    

Good voice eh? own of course....with Cornish clotted cream

Or apple pie with Cornish clotted cream

Cream tea with Cornish clotted cream

Cornsh pasty

Saffron cake....cooked Cornish way


Gooseberry and elderflower compote with creme fraiche 


Don't you have cream with the pasty then Verd?

Dove- that's very posh...! Sounds wonderful...can you send some? Don't bother with the creme fraiche though.....Verd's got cream 

We've gone slightly off topic ....think it's meant to be stuff we're growing.....

Topic....a hazelnut in every bite....

Rainwater Fanatic

Red Duke of York first earlies. They taste half potato, half chestnut. Absolutely delicious!



reb4, if you have a glut of radishes - slice and use them in a stir fry; they lose the fiery quality, but have the texture of water chestnuts.

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