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I have grown Physalis little lanterns for the first time this year. They are very healthy and have fruit on but they have spread out rather than go up e.g. like tomato plants. I have Googled them and the pictures show the plants to be more upright.

Has anyone else grown them? Im in need of some advice .


They are fairly tall plants (nothing like as tall as tomatoes) but spread out along the ground,they can be quite invasive,so keep an eye on them.


Mine have grown quite tall but they are confined to a large pot as they are too invasive for my garden borders.  They do tend to run riot if left to themselves so yours may just be 'breaking new ground'......

Glad I've read this as I've just bought a pot!  Ill confine them when planting then!



I grew about six of these last year in the greenhouse - never again They made so much mess and took up so much room They were nice to eat tho'


unimpressed as well Daisy. Mine are dropping the fruits but they're not ripe and they need  watering twice as much as tomatoes


Do you know when they are ripe for eating?

Does the green lantern case go brown then there ready?

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