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I've grown some kale for the first time this year, it is quite leafy now although not amazing (I think I sowed too late). How do I pick it? Do heads form or do I just pick leaves individually and if so, start picking from the top or bottom of them plant?


No, it doesn't form a head. Best to harvest leaf by leaf, starting with the largest towards the bottom, leaving the younger ones to develop.


Love curly kale.  If it looks like the kale in these pictures you can start taking some .  As it says, take some of the leaves from the stems to start with (not the oldest, but not the youngest) that way the growing tip will keep growing and provide you with lots of fresh growth through the winter.  Cut the tough stalks out of the leaf and Bob's your Uncle  

Just keep the pesky pigeons away - if we get the cold snap we've been promised the pigeons will zoom in and take the lot 


Kale, shredded & stir fried with chopped garlic- absolutely yummy! J.



Steamed kale with black pepper and a good squeeze of fresh lemon juice 

flowering rose

kale is a lovely veg,not only to eat but will provide all through winter some green s for the table,just keep picking a few leaves from a couple plants,save a fortune.

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