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I have just ordered some pineberries... good price as well!!

Has anyone ever tried growing these?

Cheers, Kay


Kay, what are they?


They are a hybrid of two strawberry plants. I've read all the reviews on them Dovefromabove and to be honest, there are more positive reviews than negative. I think as long as people don't expect them to be something that they are not lol. I like the idea of growing things that not everyone has... that's why I've chosen to get some to give a try; not only that, I've got 6 plants for 5 pound... which is really cheap for these type of plants!

I'll post pictures and keep you updated??



It'll be interesting to know what you think of them Kay - as I said, I've never come across them 


No problem I'll let you know... hopefully they aren't disappointing  

Hi guys, one year later!! and I will post you a picture of the pineberries tomorrow. Doing really well. I have them in my plastic greenhouse and as they are female plants, I am using self pollinating strawberry plants to cross pollinate them to enable fruiting! I've got sooooo many flowers already!!

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