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can i grow pink lady apples in Tenby Wales,( we have a new allotment our first) and pink Lady are always so more expensive than others why we dont know  ,,any ideas please


No, they need a hotter climate.

Miss Bateman

Just to add some non usefull information..... Myself and OH took a year out and travelled around Australia, where we picked up jobs fruit and veg picking, Pink lady apple being one. There was a special technique that you had to use to pick them off the tree, which I never really mastered!! and certain conditions to pick in, hot dry weather. Pink lady apples are big business in Australia, I think especially being exported to Japan. They way to tell if you've got a good en is when you cut it into half there should be a lovely jelly like consistency.. yum yum!!

Miss B x 


many thanks kate1123 and miss bateman

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