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Hey guys,

I've just planted some elephant garlic. I have never planted garlic before is there anything I need to know or use while my garlic is growing? 

As long as its on well drained soil which hasnt been recently manured, you can leave it well alone.



Remember Elephant Garlic is not garlic as you may know it; though it is closely related.


I planted some normal garlic two weeks ago, I haven't had any experience with your variety. Can't wait for the crop though

I bought some garlic from thegarlicfarm and it looks great - I'll be planting it next week, and it's my first time growing it at all.  Their site, though, is full of really useful info that makes sense to a novice like me!


Just planted my garlic today.  I have to say I'm going to try and plant some in spring too. Just finished using this years crop which I planted last autumn.  They weren't massive bulbs, but I made use of them all the same.  I did lose a couple through the winter too.

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