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spring Jean


I have bought a trough, in which I want to plant a mixture of herbs in. ie parsley, coriander, chives,sage etc

I'm not sure what type of compost I should be using. Can you advise.



This is a bit of a conundrum, english herbs will be happy with ordinary multi purpose compost but mediterranean herbs will need it to be very free draining, so grit will need to be added. Which are in the majority?


ive got all the herbs you mentioned plus more, and all in tomato grow bag soil, i had 2 bags left and no car on the day of planting so i just tried it, all are thriving and doing well, coriander is about 3 foot tall and i dont know what to do now, apart from chop it, ha ha

I've put sages, 4 of, thymes, 3 of, 2 parsleys & a lemonbalm in an oak barrell with JI 3 & a grow bag mixed together. I think the bottom was JI 3. They are all thriving too.

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