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Hi, I have some onion sets to go in, but given that it's been raining quite a lot would it be a bad idea to plant them in sodden soil?



Perhaps you could cover the ground with polythene or a cloche for a few days to give it a chance to dry out a bit

It is impossible to predict the weather though-they will need planting some time soon and then it will rain again in any case-probably

You don't say if they are winter sets or normal ones.

You can start them off in modules, which also gets round the problem of birds pulling them out of the ground.

Welsh onion. I grow fairly,good onions. Used to give high nitrogen feed up to mid summer then potash etc after that. Is this how you grow them for size and taste? I would like to grow bigger ones this year.



You can plant them out when they have a little green shoot and roots. 

Sigh!  We all want to grow better onions. Sometimes the weather is against us.

Thanks for the replied. They are winter sets, concerned that if I put them into wet ground they would rot?

We've often planted winter onion sets in wet ground and not had a problem with rot - our soil is fairly decent and light though.

i've just planted my winter onion sets today, i'll try the rest i have left in modules and put them in the greenhouse (unheated), i have not had the allotment long but i reckon i'm about 2 months behind on clearing spent crops and digging over etc, i learning fast in my new allotment.

If the soil is good draining they should be o.k.

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