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Hi i have half a sack of marfona potatoes sprouting which i bought from my local farm,Can i plant them now for a christmas crop

Wow 38 viewers and no reply ...That must be a no then


No, just people aren't familiar with that variety.

I'd stick some in and see what they do, I have no idea if that's good advice or not.


Marfona are grown commercially as specialist baking potatoes.  They tend towards being waxy rather than floury and are 2nd Earlies.  How are you planning on growing them?  They won't be happy if they get frosted so are they going in a greenhouse?

Deanos Diggin It

Kevin! Carlingford are one of the best for Christmas potatoes! An as leggie as said,  It's not a well known variety! n as dove said, it's mainly commercial!  But hey! now ya got em! Bag em n see how they go!!  


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