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Hi, this year I've grown 'Tomato 'Terenzo F1 Hybrid' from seed for my hanging baskets. How many plants would you recommend planting in a large 15 in basket?

Orchid Lady

Bump for Kirkigirl.....and me as I've grown Tumbling toms and would like to know the same.

Welcome to the forum by the way.


I would say one plant per basket as they will spread quite a bit and they are hungry plants when cropping.


They're a bushy variety, I'd go with one plant per basket. Overcrowd them and you'll compromise growth and production.

Thank you so much for all your replies and great advice. As I've only grown five plants from seed I can share them out - my hanging baskets seem to be breeding this year! 


Orchid Lady

Would that be the same for Tumbling Toms?  Thanks


I grow a single tumbling tom in a 15" hanging basket. 
Hung on the corner of my shed and facing south, I get seemingly hundreds of toms every year.
Only 1 per basket though. As stated above they're hungry feeders, but don't use tomato feed until the first tiny toms form on the truss.
Last year I picked tumbling toms from july until end august.
Good luck


Orchid Lady

Fab, thanks Pete.  As with everything else I'm growing I think I may have too many, about 15 yellow and 15 red!!

I will be giving some away 

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