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Victoria Sponge

My 'veg patch' is starting to irritate me - it's getting a bit sprawly.

I sowed spinach beet and kale amongst other things, could anyone confirm these are those things and not just random weeds before I give them to my hens?

The shiny leaved ones look like spinach beet to me but I'm not sure pic 3 is kale 



Thank you


The first two look like spinach, spinach beet, chard - something like that.  

Don't know about the third 

Victoria Sponge

Cool- thanks Dove - I'll thin out the shiny leaved ones for a start then.

I think the third one is ragwort. Best not give it to the hens.

Agree with Dove re the first Victoria..........looks like my perpetual Spinach which I grow for my Chickens.......they love it


The third could be some sort of kale, but if you havent sown any, best give it to the chooks

Is ragwort ok for hens? Welsh didnt think so.

Victoria Sponge

Thanks Welshonion- I'll grow those ones on and see- I have had a flurry of what I think is ragwort over the past few weeks.

Unfortunately Philippa my selfish chickens are sick of greens as my neighbours keep dropping off their holey leaves but they can have what they're given.

I did sow kale Bekkie, it just doesn't look like the photo on the packet...

Victoria Sponge

I won't give ragwort or unknown stuff to the hens Lyn, although for ex bats they are pretty garden wise and don't seem inclined to eat anything dodgy

There is a weird and wonderful one summat fizz, it looks like that, but not worth the risk - id rather have eggs than greens
Victoria Sponge

I only get 1 egg every few days now. Very selfish birds

Im not allowed chickens as they would put him indoors off eating chicken! Selfish man

Victoria......I'd second Lyn and WOnion.......anything you aren't sure of, don't feed  I should send you some eggs...........I can't keep up with mine and only have 2 !

Bekkie........what's happened to your wheedling powers...........


No chance of seperating a bodybuilder from his chicken, im not going to fight a battle i have no chance of winning
Victoria Sponge

I only have 2 now Philippa, from the original 4.

One got sterile peritonitis, had treatment from the vet but never picked up. The other died a few weeks ago. She had a bone infection when I first got her and couldn't walk, she used to try and drag herself around by her wings. I got her sorted out and she recovered and was able to walk in a waddley kind of way and then became chief hen. I thought she was on her way out and made the decision to just let her die at home with her pals seeing as how she'd spent so much time at the vets in her short life anyway

 It's just one of those things. I'm sure they're worn out from the 'enriched cage' system so I'm not really fussed about the eggs.



Oh Vic, youve really looled after them, would you have more?
Victoria Sponge

Funnily enough Bekkie, I got offered some the other week as the local rehomers were offering some more. I declined though and am trying not to feel guilty. I can't save everything

I would have had to separate the second lot from the originals in case of fighting and the new ones would be weak and no doubt have some ailments so I decided not to.

Victoria.....sorry to hear that.  I lost one of my Blue's earlier this year.... an intestinal tumour....she was only 2 years old.  After a couple of tries with local vets, I eventually found a really good bloke...nothing to be done but at least I got a proper diagnosis in the end.

Victoria Sponge

Yes, the vet thing is a drama- mine admitted to not being chicken vets but were brilliant ringing around to get expert help. 

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