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Hello, I'm new here but I was wondering if somebody might be able to help me identify what is eating my strawberries? They are in a raised bed, surrounded by straw, under taught netting to protect from birds yet something is taking large chuncks (it look like a big bite from top to bottom) from them over night! I have lost 6 now! 

Whatever it is seems to go for them just as ther ripen...the green ones stay untouched. Can't see any slug/ snail trails but these would be hard to spot because of  the thick bed of straw. 

Please help!!! I planted them for my 3 year old and she isn't getting a look in! 


Could mice be getting in?  They help themselves to the strawberries in my greenhouse


I would say mice or rats. 

We have a bed covered and one uncovered. The mice love em ! 

Mouse traps will prove the culprit !


Bit behind the curve!  That post is four month's old.

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