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We planted a Jubilee plum tree in autumn 2009. This is the first year that any fruit has survived this long However all the fruit is covered in what I can only call brown scabs. A few fruit are just starting to ripen. Are any of them going to be edible and what is the problem ?? We did put 'sticky' paper around all the fruit trees last winter. We are in Norfolk, UK. Thank you


Hi Daisy.  I'm in West Yorks, in the pennines.  My Victoria plum has also got rather scabby fruit, and I can't find anything on the internet which matches it.  Looks a bit like plum sawfly maybe - but if so, the fruit should fall early and it hasn't so far!  I'm biding my time and hoping it's just a problem with the skin, in which case the fruit will still be edible...

it could well be damage sustained a few weeks back.  if you had a few windy days the fruit will rub against each other and against branches and it will end up with what looks like a brown scab as you describe. I have quite a lot of this going on this year too!  thankfully the fruit is still edible!


Thanks Greg!  Will hope for the best... 

My thanks too, Greg - I'll wait until they are ripe and hope that they taste good

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