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i spayed my plum tree 7 days ago but when i came back from holiday the leaves were full of holes any info will b grateful thanks


Help!!!mine have gone all wrinkly..see pic, any one got any suggestions while we are on this topic?

 they hav also gone brown at the edges. Not all the tree is affected. I have'nt sprayed it (ever) is that wrong?


thanks dovefromabove i sprayed b/Q bug killer it says it kills a wide range of insect pests on roses /flowers /fruit/veg is this the wrong spray


Did you have a specific bug you were spraying against?


Jim Macd

I found out that mine died of bacterial canker and the sign oither then the deadness was 'shot holes' in the leaves. I'me about to dig it out since it got into the main trunk.


Samuel - was there any sign of bugs on your trees before you sprayed, and if so which sort of bugs?

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