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08/08/2013 at 19:44

at the base of my plum trees, there is ivy and bindweed, could this be why its not even flowered yet,  they r mature ones, i was hoping for lots of fruit but iv not evev got on flower yet,, x

10/08/2013 at 05:02

Its a funny old world the gardening one,

Now ref fruit trees if you dont look after them and from the sounds of your ivy/bind weed youv'e not made any attempt to help the tree by clearing the base ground area so both feed can be provided and the weeds dont share what foods already in the soil etc,

Now coming back to "it's a funny old world the gardening one,

I walk my dogs down a long track to a stream every day and i see apple and pear trees in the hedge row's that have been there for years & years and never given any form of care, "Yet" they are covered in fruit every year, "Small" fruit but never the less tons of it, (Why) leave mold feed from the other hedge sharing trees.

If you care for your fruit from day one ie its planting location (sunny spot) and not in the shade all day every day, and the trees pruned "all cross over the centre twigs removed so light and air can get to the heart of the tree,

the tree's not over loaded with fruit "if you want good sized fruit, keep it sensible ie dont have so much fruit that the weight of fruit is causing the trees wood to break, and the trees trying to feed to much little fruit,

But most of all feed the tree by (1) use mulch at the base to both feed and also keep the tree's roots moist, this is we're your top growth comes from "the roots"

I myself have an orchard and around all 34 fruit trees both of apple /pear/ peach/cherry/ plum ,

around every tree ive cut a circle approx 2 feet from the trees trunk and i plant daffs muscari etc in these circled rings for a spring show and i use general fertilizer to feed both the bulbs and the tree's (manure can also be used )

this method looks good in the spring with all the flowers in full bloom and  knowing whats happening ref the growing time for the tree's.

Now ref plums and any stone fruit they need to be fed if you want good fruit but stone fruits dont always fruit every year, the weather can and will have a big effect on the results,ie to much rain or little sun etc can cause poor pollination,

If you have a think about what ive said and only you'll know if your looking after the tree! and you sort out any lacking points ive talked about!

then i see no reason why you shouldn't have a good clean crop.

The roots are there and the less waste they"re trying to feed the better good fruit you'll get.


11/08/2013 at 15:59

iv only just moved into my house the trees was there long b4 me,,   iv been busy working on the house,, iv only started on the garden the last week or 2,, there isnt even a flower nevermind fruit, (this is my first ever garden) and its a blood big one,,  so iv alot to learn and do

at the base of the trees is a very over grown rockery im starting to clear it back but im struggling to find the enthusiasum if im honest

16/04/2014 at 07:07

Sounds like you have a big job on your hands Shelley but well done for trying. You learn a lot from experience.

Weeding and feeding is a good start. Also you did the right thing by using the internet for help. I use it all the time if I have a gardening problem - like an insect invasion etc.

There are lots of ways of making a garden easy to care for when you have a busy life.

Good luck to you!

16/04/2014 at 08:17

Shelly, wonder how you are getting on now, as I see your post was August.   Hillary gave good advice just now and I know it can be intimidating when there is a huge vigorous undertaking and you feel you know nothing.  Get physical help from a strong willing person and also work on a small easy area to give yourself confidence and enjoyment. Get a few packets of annuals and remember we all learn to garden in small incremental steps.  'Fraid this sounds a bit preachy and you are probably in a different place now!

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