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I grow some of my earliest salad potatoes in a dustbin and 'earth up' in layers of around 6" alternating between multipurpose and garden compost. The remainder are in the green bags special for the job. I also grew last year, and again this year, aubergines in a dustbin. What a great crop and saves plenty of money too.  I treat everything with Tomorite (tomato fertilizer).

Another tip: I empty the contents of my kettle (once cooled) into a 6pt milk bottle and use this for watering during hot spells. Helps to keep the plants 'ticking over'. Just think a whole 6 pts in just one week. Wow!

Answer to earlier question - Charlottes.


Good choice- Charlotte-second early-harvest some in a few weeks after flowering

Thanks for you help-can't wait now!

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