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I have a allotment in the ne, for the last 7 years I have grown potatoes , and everyyear the same thing happens, they get scabe plus holed.i have tried various types plus different parts of the allotment.i get a good crop , and when pealed look ok till they are cut and are full of brown lines does not look nice on the dinner plate.soil has a ph of 5.5 to 6.5, this year I grew m not grow any next year if I can notsort it.please help.sorry its a book.


Are you growing them in the same spot every year or rotating with other crops?

One cause of scab is said to be dry conditions during the first few weeks of green growth. However it sounds like scab is now endemic in your soil and you may have to avoid growing spuds for several years.

thanks a lot for the reply,its what I thought iwould have to do ie not to grow except in sacks.


The only thing is that scab normally affects the outside of the potato and is a sign of too much lime in the soil. The holes are keel slugs and they are definitely impossible to control.

The other thing about too limy a soil is that it tends to lock up some of the trace elements and lack of them can cause brown veining inside the potato.

Mel M

I went on the Potato Marketing Board Varieties web site. It tells you all about each potato type in fair detail - including which virus and assorted nasties they are prone to. I wish I hadn't ! ! ! Very informative but a total Horror Story. Form now on I will choose, plant, close my eyes and pray!  


broad bean

hi reg had the same problem this year seconds and main crop badly affected

muck dung in over winter which i feel did not help as ground was very wet on digging

up spuds 1st early not affected so will growing these only bit worried a bout ground

left with slug and rotten tubers so will be have carefull next year spoke to supplier

cause most likely weather related

No expert

Not sure of your plans for next year broad bean but don't forget about crop rotation.

broad bean

oh yes have 4 long beds which works well on a crop rotation been a good year 

so far plenty of beans ,spuds,onions,salad crops,picking sweetcorn now

carrots parsnips leeks brussels cabbages broc pumpkins to come

happy days

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