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I have just read that January is the time to start chitting potatoes.  I thought I would try to grow some in patio bags but would like to grow something that I can't buy (cheaper) in the supermarket.  Can anyone recommend any varieties please?

Hello cloud8

I buy my potatoes from Whitchurch Potato Day in Hampshire they have loads of different ones, I did buy from Garden Centres before, the best ones to go for are first early or second early as main crop are more likely to get blight.

I like Manna first early did well for me when I grew them this year and Kestral second early. Use old egg boxes for chitting potatoes.


I've grown Anya potatoes which are expensive in shops. I also grow in potato bags.

We love Ulster Prince....a first early potato I believe. We order online and grow them quite successfully both in beds and in bags.

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