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Green Magpie

If you do plant them out and then are worried about late frosts, you can protect the shoots with fleece, or even just newspaper overnight. I'm not rushing to put mine out yet - for one thing, it is so miserably cold in the garden that I don't want to do it!


And of course, you'll be earthing them up which will protect them from the frost as well.

Do they need sunlight while chitting?

Not sunlight but they do need light. I chit mine on the bathroom window sill, the glass is opaque.

I have tasken a chance with one set of potatoes and planted them up in a large container outside this week. They are Asda saald potaoes which I overlooked and they began sprouting roots. It is not the end of the world if I lose them but I am still waiting to get my "proper" seed potatoes planted up. Lovely sun this morning but very cold, pond still frozen so I am sitting on my hands and waiting for milder weather to break.

Ok, fine. Have got them by a window in our spare room. It's bright but the sun doesn't really shine in directly.

I really wanted them all planted by now but when I came home last night about midnight, it was definitely well below freezing.


This is the latest I've had my salad potatoes charlotte befor planting out. They get covered with soil to a good depth anyhow so I'm thinking if it does'nt freeze tonight I may get them in tomorrow.


Mine are usually in by now too, but are still in the conservatory chitting. If the weather doesn't start to warm up soon they'll just have to go in anyway. I'll just have to grow them in containers...I have an old water tank and some 14" pots. I'm growing Marfona and Lady Chrystl.


I'm growing them for the first time this year, and have some first earlies happlily chitting away. I'm thinking that if I plant them quite deep (which won't be a problem for me as my soil's ridiculously light and free draining) they will be insulated a bit because they'll be nearer the centre of the earth.

barbury gardener

Put the rest of my yesterday, but gonna buy some more just in case they fail.

chilli lover

Itching to get mine in - the bed is prepared. Looking at the forecast for the rest of April it looks like we're going to be frost free here in South Hampshire from April 10 (if you can ever believe a foreacst). Right - I have just convinced myself - they are going in after work tomorrow.  I can always fleece if the forecast changes (fingers crossed smiley)

I am also itching to get mine outside but we are still having hard frosts overnight.

So frustrating, do not think I have ever been so late getting them outside. I have a pot of them in the conservatory, the tops are about 18 ins tall, just a few stray International Kidney I found in the shed shooting, potted them up in Feb. so they will soon be ready to lift. No idea if there will be any potaoes on them though. I have resisted feeling for them.

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