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hi i planted my potatoes at the end of feb, still no show is this because of how cold it was 


Probably still thinking about it. Any strays from last year I have dug up show no signs of growth yet.  I put mine in 3 inch pots of compost in the green house. I've been planting them out this week now they have grown 2 inch shoots and have a healthy root system. Not usual recommended method but then after an 18 month winter I figure anything goes. I thought I had lost a lot of perennials but they are just starting to show through.


as grandad used to say . in broad cheshire.. nature knows wen its warrrmer

two reasons the seeds i brought were feb planting + i had a opp on my hand that as put me out of use for a bit  



What variety were they?  I don't know of any that should be planted in Feb 

Hope the hand is on the mend


spanish spuds ???????

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