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Does anyone else's potatoes seem to be growing a bit  out of control? 


Some of mine (Sarpo mira and sarpo axona) havn't even chitted yet.

Linnylou81-The first one's planted in bags are getting fairly big. Planted out the last batch last weekend.

Spuds seem to grow a lot taller in bags than those grown in the ground or at least that's been my experience. I put 5 canes in each bag around the edges and tie loose twine around them to encourage the foliage to grow within the loose twine, it stops the foilage from drooping and keeps it from breaking on windy days.

fidgetbones- not familiar with the varieties but you can plant spuds out without chitting.   

Crazy Tomato Lady

my potatoes are growing and I didn't even plant any, the previous Garden owners did last year! Have to keep pulling them up as I have tomatoes growing in the next bed and brussels trying to grow where the potatoes are 


Sarpo Mira and Sarpo axona are blight resistant varieties, recommended by Groworganic . I lost so many to blight last year that I thought I would stick to blight resistant varieties this year. Trouble is the "collection"  of 6 varieties I ordered  from T&M last october, had three substitutions when they were delivered in January.

Valor, Blue danube, lady Balfour  and Kifli are growing well( in the  veg plot )


Yes linnylou! I think I've had them in planters since mid March but the last few weeks, they've grown tons of leaves and branches and are about 40/50 cm tall - fully earthed up. No flowers yet but hopefully not far off and then I may have a look...

Thank you. This is the first year for me growing potatoes in my veg plot. I will stop worrying about them now. 

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