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Hi everyone!

I'm new to this. I put some roosters in a container on my patio approximately 5 weeks ago but threw away the packet they came in. 

I have no idea when I am supposed to harvest them. I'm blaming babybrain at the moment (5mnths PG). 

Thanks in advance !



Not yet.

Roosters are a main crop and take 18-20 weeks to mature. Keep earthing up as they grow.


Okay... thank you !! The leaves/plants are a good size now so i'm impressed with those... I'll be patient  


I don't know Rooster but usually there will not be a crop worth digging until the plant has flowered.  If they are maincrop they can be left until the foliage dies down naturally.

Next year I would grow mainly earlies as you will be able to harvest them earlier as they are meant to be small.

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