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Andrew Kenneth


Just dug up all my artichokes as, I need the bed for other things.

Can I follow them with potatos?

I'm not sure what they are classed as so I don't want to plant the same crop category in the same bed.


Artichokes are going elsewhere.




flowering rose

I to have just dug up my jerusalem artichokes ,Lovely fried,but  although I dig them up each year  and I never re-place them they keep coming up not complaining but you will have to dig deep to get rid of the tubers.


The only problem is being sure you dug-up all of the artichokes!  I last grew them 6 years ago and they still appear in that area every spring!

BTW, Jerusalem artichokes are in the same family as sunflowers (Helianthus.)

Andrew Kenneth

I planted 12 last April in a bed 7' x 7'

Roughly calculating I must have dug up over the winter 300 artichokes.

Yesterday I spent over 2 hrs going over the bed rooting around etc....

I feel sure I've got them all out but, you never know.

I just got a bit confused because like you say Bob, I knew they were from the sunflower family but they look like a tuber, (potato) so that is my concern.



Yes they are Helianthus tuberosus, large flowering plants with small yellow flowers.

You can plant potatoes in the same place.


HI never grown Artichokes what do you do with them, iv never bought any before,

what are they like to eat please,


Andrew Kenneth

They can be eaten lightly fried in oil with a pinch of salt, made into soup, or roasted.

They have a pleasant nutty taste.


Some folk also put an 'f' in front of their name, as they cause wind in a large section of the population (it's a genetic thing.)  You'll soon know whether you're susceptible when you first try them!

chilli lover
I grow jerusalem artichokes and I have found that unfortunately you can only give away your excess to someone once cos once they experience the Effect they don, t want any more !

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