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I have been given 4 Chilli plants and it says  "Hungarian Hot Wax " ( I think it says Hungarian ) all about 6 inches tall and healthy and just showing buds and in 7 inch X 7 inch pots

? Do I need to put them in bigger pots and if yes at what stage pls

Any other generic advice welcome folks






They will grow at least 18 inches high, so move them on as they need it.

I'm also growing hot chillies for first time this year.  Plenty of water?  Hotter the sun the better?


The heat is in the plant's genes, Verdun. Grow them as you would any other chillies. Which is to say, exactly as you would tomatoes.

Newboy, they're not going to grow to more than a couple of feet. If they're staying in pots, you're not going to need much more than a 10" pot. Pot them up when you want to.


They have just produced white flowers !!!!      

I will pot up as advised

VERDUN.............let me know how you get on with your First Time Chillies

Thanks all



One other thing, NewBoy, don't overwater or overfertilise the chillies. Like tomatoes, they do best when treated with "controlled neglect".

Hiya Italophille

Interesting info. Thanks.  I thought they needed extra heat. In comparison to my peppers the hot ones are pretty small, we're slow too.  I'm new to the hot peppers too so this year is the learning one.

Newboy, yes will do that. ,funnily enough, I potted mine on this morning as growth has quickened over past week.


Nuh, Verdun. Chillies' heat or otherwise is down to the variety - ie, the genes. Just as a tom's shape, colour, taste, etc, are down to the genes.

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