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It's our first time of growing pumpkins. I absent-mindedly dead headed a few flowers but thankfully more have grown. The plant was getting fairly large so I staked it, but it got even bigger now, and it growing to the left, do I stake to support it again? 

Any advice welcomed here's a piccy - my boys are ever so proud of it.






David Matthews2

Well done, Caral (& the boys): more staking would help steer the plant toward the sunlight. Bear in mind that the fruits (might) eventually be quite heavy & if still well off the ground will need specific support...? spare staging/ strong crates (inverted)??


I would be inclined not to stake it but let it travel over the ground. It will take up alot of room but your pumpkins will be well supported on the ground and you can place straw underneath as they grow to keep them clean.


Thanks so much David and Daintiness. I think space is going to be determining factor. How big does the plant grow? 


Which type of pumpkin is it?  Do you know the variety?  There are quite a few



If you let it trail over the ground you can try to grow it in a spiral so it takes up less space


If it's one of the larger types it needs to be growing on the ground so that the fruits are supported otherwise the stems will tear off the plant.  Smaller ones can be grown up a frame like squashes.  


Thanks Dove. Its called 'Magical' Just checked the label and it seems to have made its own decision, I found it on the ground.  

Great idea Fleurisa. Its curved naturally so I try and train it into a spiral shape.   


Think your pumpkin has a mind of it's own 

love growing pumpkins-to get perfectly shaped fruit make a tripod-a strong tripod, i use rebar and suspend the pumpkins in pantyhose-this is only worth while for jackolanterns


Thanks David. These are hallowe'en pumpkins, I must say hanging them in tights sounds like great fun. But how would you make the tripod? what holds the legs together at the top?  

double loops of wire-if you use rebar bend one piece into a v

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