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Andrew Kenneth

First time I have grown pumpkin and, I have one now the size of a basketball and was wondering when do I harvest

 It's the one in the photo which is now basketball size as I said.

As it is now this big is it only fit for Halloween or will it be edible?

When I purchased this pack of seeds (Jack O Lantern) which I presumed are an

orange colour this and a few others developed as well as a few orange ones.

Maybe that's what happens when you buy B& M cheap seed!

Is it possible that this type is called 'Angels Hair'  which is mainly used for



Stacey Docherty

It just isn't ripe yet they do ripen at different rates leave it on the vine for longer

 You can see that both mine look completely different and are at differing stages of ripeness... You can cut a few leaves off but it's temperature not sunlight that ripen the fruits...

Andrew Kenneth

I have some others from the same pack of seeds that are already orange and they are

  1/3rd of the size of the green basketball one. They

started off very pale green and when they were the size of an egg they turned


to orange .

They all have the same temp.

Just don't understand why this one and 2 others are still green and much bigger

than the the orange ones when they are all exposed to the same temp.


Stacey Docherty

It's just the way pumpkins grow. I have 3 plants growing ATM all different colours and sizes don't know why!! I guess if I were to be scientific it would be so the plant could guarantee reproduction by ripening at differing times ..... even my orange ones unless there are signs of it going too soft I don't pick till end of September beginning of October... That's not to say its right or wrong just how I do it. I have a bumper crop this year from seeds I got off ebay!! Can't wait to carve for Halloween..... Oh and spicy pumpkin thai soup yum yum 

Andrew Kenneth

Many thanks Stacey,

I'll  be patient then


Andrew Kenneth

If I had just waited one more day I wouldn't have needed to start this thread

The Basketball pumpkin is finally turning orange

I have removed some of the foilage as it was shading the green ones. I need to

learn patience.

Thank you Stacey



Stacey Docherty

Lol I'm not patient either lmao glad it's ripening..... If u carve it post pics I'm going to do a pumpkin carving thread( my hubby does spectacular pumpkin carvings!! His zombie was so far my fave!!)

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