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heather gent

Hi Everyone,

Something keeps eating my young Pumpkin plants, one has completely gone, the other is now half eaten.  Has anyone got any ideas on what could be doing this and how it could be stopped.

Thanks. Heather


Slugs and snails.


Slugs are the prime suspect-scatter slug pellets and.go out at night with a torch and you will see them dining-then dispose in what ever way you want

heather gent

Hello, Advice much appreciated thankyou. Heather


Silly question but is there trails of slime? I have a Butternut Squash plant and mine is getting eaten too, but there is NOTHING to suggest caterpillars/slugs/snails. As a few of my plants have been being attacked to the point that there is nothing left (Broccoli, strawberries, and a few others too) all the same with no evidence what so ever of anything slug/snail related, I put out a plea on Facebook and someone suggested Pigeons. I do have a few pigeons in the local area as well as other birds as well, so my guess is that this is what is destorying my leaves. I have this weekend put up some netting but its too soon to tell if this is whats destroying my leaves. 

Hopefully this helps, but this my first year growing stuff so I have no clue myself. x

heather gent

Yes it could be Pigeons I have quite a few visit my garden on a regular basis.  I have also invested in a net, as they are now eating my beans and peas. Heather.


I lost all brassicas one year to pigeons.

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