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Hi folks

im just grow radish for the first time. Any ideas when I should pick them .



They need thinnng out a bit - they need to be about 3 inches apart.  They are ready to harvest when you've got lovely fat radishes looking like this just appearing under the ground

As your seedlngs are so little when you thin them out you can try transplanting some.

Good luck.



Sorry - I wasn't very clear - the seedling are growing too close together so they need thinning out so they're about 3 inches apart.  

If you're careful how you pull some of them out, and make sure you don't snap their little roots, then those are the ones you can try transplanting into another bit of your raised bed - making sure they're about 3" apart.

The transplanting will put them back a little bit so all of your radishes won't be ready to eat at the same time. 


raddish are one of those plants you can sow very thinly as they germinate very easily. 

You can keep sowing most of the summer successionally, so you'll always have new ones sprouting. The best way is just sow them every 3 inches, 1 seed or 2 max, as they will all germinate, otherwise like you have seen all your packet will germinate at once, need thinning out, loosing 2/3 of them and waste them.

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