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Thankyou Chica, last time I tried that I got nothing at all and when I looked at the ginger it had gone to mush!

We had kale in the raised bed this year. I stole 2 plants from my dad and they have been amazing. I have no idea on the variety and neither does dad. So feel free to suggest good varieties. It's a curly leaf and very mild greens flavour.

My main worry/annoyance is getting hold of plants (veg) the shops stock them in packs of 6-8 and v expensive.

I remember as a child pulling up at houses with signs on the road selling greens and leeks ready to plant in your beds at v decent prices.

How do you all do it. Peas, beans, carrots, parsnips, potatoes we have grown from seed and down direct but I'm lost in what else I can do from seed but won't waste the remainder of the pack before it goes off.

Any help would be appreciated. Or prolific cropping climbing French bean as I don't like stringy beans.


Chica, that thing with ginger? Do you grow it under cover? I get through lots of ginger in the juicer every morning and it would be great to grow my own.


buy a piece from shops break it in bits and plant in pot or the ground around 3inches deep 4ins apart and thats it it will grow around two feet tall when leaves turn yellow hey ho u will have ginger for life and what you leave in the pot will grow again. the bits i plant are as big as a conker.


i dont water my ginger, keep it fairly dry and dont have any problems the same with jerusalem artichokes plant bits and leave till autumn

Will a piece that you have in the fridge work??? Do I keep indoors or out. I may just give this another go. Thanks


Greenbucket, you need to get yourself down to aldi.  Look on t'interweb first, but every year they have young veg plug plants at reasonable prices (I think it was £1.99 for 6 plug plants last year).  They have offers on every so often, Sundays and Thursdays, but you need to get yourself there on the day if it's something thats dead cheap that you really want.

Lidl have deals too, I don't have one nearby so don't know what their deals are like.  You could always try Morrisons (the bigger stores will have a 'garden centre' outside when the weather warms up, and some of the bigger ASDAs and Tescos are trying to get in the act, too.  I don't think you can beat Aldi for gardening deals.  I planted three raspberry canes out today (cost £3.99 for three of them), had to use one of their gro-bags to top up the soil (removed lots of stones), it was lovely stuff, almost black, and when forked over was lovely and crumbly, not a bit of woody stuff to be seen.  Will be buying more of their gro-bags for potting things on.

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