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I also dug out old raspberries end of summer, made new deep bed,awaited mail order canes ,planted then in november. only 3 out of 12 grew this month, phoned mr Fothergills - good company ! they apologised and said they would send letter saying despatch from nov 12. didnt read this properly,so went to buy a few canes so we would not be without raspberries to long.guess what 4 days later 12 canes arrived in post !! these had shoots on so fingers crossed. i now have a good full row !!

Lidl also have some good price garden stuff

So pleased I am not the only one still waiting for raspberry canes to come into life at the beginning of May.  As they are new canes I don't want to lose them.  I am growing them  in containers as my garden not big enough.  I do have other canes growing that way and they perform very well so fingers crossed.

What an old thread!

Mine are still as inactive as a Scottish labour MP post election. They are autumn fruiting. My old summer fruiters are covered in leaves and soon to be flowers. 

I read somewhere when raspberry canes are planted make sure they don't dry out even in winter.

I think Monty Don said the other week to mulch with something like cut grass around them as soon as you plant.

I have autumn fruiters and did just that. They are spouting nicely...can't wait to eat them later this year!!


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