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Can anyone help?  My raspberry canes looked very healthy and have flowered and produced a good crop of fruit.  The problem is that the fruit itself seems to be hard and grey looking, and doesn't seem to be ripening at all.  Any ideas?


give it time. if its set fruit, with sunshine and water it will ripen


Its my first year with raspberries and mine appear to be the same.  How much water do they like?  Should I water them more during this hot weather?


Yes, fruit bushes need water for the fruit to swell - particularly if your soil is free draining like mine.  I've just been out watering raspberries, strawberries, gooseberries and pears (not tomention the beans and tomatoes!)

Thanks all - I was obviously too impatient.  the rasperries are now ripening and looking fab.



I have raspberries on the verge of ripeness as well as others no way near- still tiny, tight little green things...and yes, early on they do look a bit grey. There are summer and autumn (later summer) fruiting, all ripening at different times.  water well occasionally rather than little and often and enjoy once they're ripe and ready, they will be before too long- but make sure the birds and squirrels don't get there first!

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