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I have about six ordinary polystyrene boxes that had bedding plants in, you know the ones that come in 6 3x2 cells. Would they be ok for putting veg seeds in ( courgette, cucumber, tomato ) ? as I'd quite like to reuse them instead of them going straight into the recycling.

Don't know anything about growing veg, but your idea sounds alright to me.

I use polystrene broken up in bits for drainage in my pots,  saves on the weight, so there's always a use for it


If you're concerned, give the boxes a good clean first before using them again, and as meiow says, they make great drainage for pots and tubs when broken up


Thanks meiow & Botticelliwoman, I have used them in the past for drainage in large pots (think it was a Mr Titchmarsh bit of advice where I read that). I was more just worried in case they use any sort of random chemicals growing the bedding, that may not be great for veg.

If they are rathyr shallow your veg seedling roots might not go very deep to give them a good start. I have used waste polystyrene cups but they are much deeper. Drainage is probably the better use.


I use them for planting shallow rooting seeds, especially good for flowers. The polystyrene keeps them a bit warmer, in my opinion.

we use polystyrene cups too valerie, like optieight says, it keeps the roots warmer.  Also the large polystyrene boxes that meat or fish sometimes comes packaged in make great cold frames

I always use them for my seeds and never had a problem with the roots systems. You buy plants this way that have been grown in these containers.

I also use my empty egg boxes for growing seeds off as well. Keeps them out off landfill sites.

Keep up the good work.


Hi, I have just planted some some flower seeds in these cartons - my mum visited yesterday and advised I could do this as she has also used them so I will see how they go...........good luck


Thank you all for your replies, I shall keep an eye out for a possible source of polystyrene cups that I could re-use, for my veg. Though as you point out, Helen, I was in a garden centre yesterday and saw veg plants for sale in similar polystyrene boxes, but these were grey in colour - I don't know if it a different grade, compound or what?

I have re-used these trays for sometime now and havent had any problems.Spring onion and leeks do well in them. Good luck


Hi it's grandadgardener here...a little tip that I picked up years ago from a certain Geoff Hamilton,was to use the cardboard tube from toilet rolls...they are perfect for starting off your veg and you can put them straight into the ground when they are ready...the cardboard will just rot off in the ground.Happy gardening everyone.

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