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Trying to be an organic/friendly gardener.... New red currant bush planted this year did not fruit, top leaves got tight, dry and curly so I kept hosing off!! Caterpillars have established that look like spikey bird poo's!! They are obviously munching away, ok to leave them now? Will this effect next years crop?? 

Gooseberry sawfly raspberry fool.    It will, in my opinion, affect next year's crop.  I feed well when this happens and water well to encourage fresh growth ASAP.

Ha typical went outside to get a photo and there isn't a single one on there today?!?!  Saw about 5 Yesterday!?!  I don't think they were saw fly as I have them on my gooseberry each year!! These critters were hairy & spikey, with brown at one end white at the other? Oh well to feed the bushes :0)


You say spikey bird poos, gooseberry saw fly caterpillars aren't spikey. Peacock butterfly caterpillars are spikey and black and white.

I have just found exactly the same thing on my redcurrants.  Only found 2 caterpillars, but they are very hairy and on their back they are a brownish red at the head end which changes to white at the tail end.  Have found other little green ones too which I have had on my gooseberrys and might be the sawfly mentioned earlier.  They seem to be munching side by side!


No defo not peacock caterpillars! 

And so in 2013 I didn't know what these were, so in 2014 I have kept the chrysalis from the caterpillar and they have now appeared ...........comma butterflies!!

Thank you for letting us know. So often people don't, when I really want to know what happened in the end. Clever you to keep the chrysalis safe and see the butterflies. At least Dove and I guessed butterflies!

 Flora rosa

urgh yuk Dove ! That video not nice lol thank The Lord, I haven't got them or at least not in that number 


They're lovely. Man's fear/dislike of insects and killing anything we don't like the look of has brought us to a state of being over run by pests and  dependant on spraying. 

 Flora rosa

Totally organic garden, overrun by My beautiful ladybirds, blackbird and family of robins .......but I have to say that I couldn't go out in the garden if I saw that lot ! Shiver shiver ( until they'd turned into big beauties of course, then I'd love em. 


Glad to hear you're not spraying them to show your dislike Flora

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