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I read that you have to prune red currant bushes back after they have fruited.

How much do i take off.

Any advice is welcome =)


Also do i have to do the same with gooseberry bushes?


hi there,

Redcurrents and gooseberries fruit on old growth, so newq growth this year will bear fruit next year. I cut mine back to the size I want it, So I take about half of mine off. taking out any crossin branches and cutting out the one growing into the middle, the reason for this is air flow and to let sunlight in to ripen the fruit. The idea being is to get it into a bowl shape. Cut out dead wood too. I hope this makes sense?


Kind regards Julie


Whoops forgot to say, I summer prune to keep in from getting to big and then I winter prune, when the leaves have fallen and do the major work.

Hope this helps




Thank you .

Should i do the same with my gooseberry bushes?




I wached the video, it was very good. Did you see the bowl shape on the top part? It was also done in winter. If your plants are in the ground and planted as a regular bush you prune it the same way, the goosberries too, again the fruit grows on old wood.


Good luck



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