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09/05/2012 at 16:34
Hi all. This is the first year I've tried growing rhubarb, and was given 3 crowns which were planted up in about late February. All has seemed to be going fine, but today I've noticed that quite a few of the leaves on all plants have turned bright red. Have googled it, and the likely cause seams to be some leaf disease which will eventually finish the plants off. Is there anyone that can give me any better news? The plants themselves look healthy - in a technicolour sort of way.
10/05/2012 at 21:12

Hi figrat. Rhubarb does not like to be planted too deep . I usualy force a clump of mine, a differant one each year . This  sometimes alters the colour of the leaves , Ive had a few pinkish leaves this year I put it down to being forced . What I would do is dig up the clump and replant it in a differant spot or in a large container . My friend always grows hers in home made pots using old tyers. she puts about 4 together uses this and tops with well rotted manure or chicken manure pellets. She swears by this method .

Myself I wouldnt fancy it though she swears blind it does not taste rubbery !

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2 messages