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I have two puple sprouting broccoli plants that are about a foot and a half tall each. They are the only two survivors in a raised bed. I would like to dig them up and move them to a different part of the allotment to free up the space.

Does anyone know if this is safe to do so without damaging the plants?



Assuming that these are plants that grew last year and are cropping now or are about to crop then I would not be moving them now. The shock to the plant would not do it a lot of good at this late stage. I still have a couple of plants alongwith some curly kale in my front garden and am just working around them for now.

As much as I adore purple sprouting brocolli, its big drawback is the fact that it takes up space for more than 12 months. For that reason I often grow a few in the flower borders.


Yes you are right it is cropping now so I'll leave them as they are - thanks for the advice

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