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Took on another allotment plot this year which has given me the room for a 'proper' rhubarb patch.

I did'nt want to pay for established crowns and my existing plants arent yet ready for dividing so I decided to try growing from seed.

So far very impressed with the results, germination was good about 90%, no special requirements, they germinated just fine in an unheated polytunnel sown 3 to a 3" pot. they transplant ok too.

From mid April sowing I have 10 plants about 3" across. I expect it to be 2 to 3 years before picking but the seed is cheap and I already have a rhubarb patch so not in a hurry.

If anyone is thinking of increasing their stock I can recommend it as a viable alternative to division and a lot cheaper than crowns. Plus I like growing from seed


I grow mine from seeds too. Simple and a lot, lot cheaper. I once read that someone grows them and treats them as anuals. I dont think mine will be ready for picking any decent amounts this year though, they seem to be taking ages to grow, watched pot and all that!

Steve 309

Never tried this but it sound like a good idea.  Maybe harvest from a few plants in the first or second year and then discard them while waiting for the others to produce?

The stuff I've been nurturing has been destroyed by overenthusiastic pulling (and cutting!) by the staff where I work.  I've told them it's set them back by a year.  Their problem.


Thats right Steve,  less room needed as well.

I bought the seeds from Amazon, very cheap.


What variety Lyn? Mine are Glaskins Perpetual and I got them online for 95p a packet.

I know what you mean by watching them grow, but I've just got back from a week away and they have grown noticeably in that time


Steve 309

The ones someone had all but destroyed were just crowns on Sunday but by yesterday they both had several leaves opening.  I guess it's a question of what reserves they have.  I'm perpetually astonished how fast things grow at this time of year (especially weeds!)   Just think what would happen if the sun shone!

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