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I have just been given a rhubarb crown. Can I plant it in the ground now? I have some leaf mould from last years leaves. Shall I mulch it?


Yes, prepare the ground and plant it now and mulch it with your leaf mould, leaving the tip of the crown, the growing points, uncovered. 

No expert

Rhubarb is a hungry plant and will need some well rotted compost or better still well rotted farm yard manure dug in to the bed before planting.

Yes, the more goodness you can incorporate at planting time the better your rhubarb will be.  In spring fish blood n bone and a further mulch will help too.  Keep well watered next year but do not pick the crop.

Roger  Brook

The best advice I can give to a new rhubarb planter is to plant it in an open sunny situation.

Far too many people stick it by an old hedge or near trees. It needs light and water!

As to planting advice you will get zillions of suggestions and most of them will work!

Don't weaken it by eating any rhubarb next year!


Naive query - sorry. But what happens to the leaves you don't pull in that first year? Do you just leave them to die down or do you have to remove them later or...?

Leave them to die down in the autumn, all the goodness in the leaves goes back into the crown to build it up which is what you want.  Just remove any that go rotten and slimy.  

Then in the next year I only pull about a third of the stalks there are on the plant at one time and don't pull any after the beginning of June, again, allowing the crown to build up.  

In the following years I pull a few more but always remembering that the more you leave the stronger the crown will be in the future. 

Many thanks to you all for your good advice. I have planted it and added my leaf mould from last year. Fingers crossed! 

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