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i planted a rhubarb crown last autumn and it has done very well we have eaten lots in pies and crumbles and some in the freezer, i know not to pull it all in its first year but when should i stop, how long will it keep growing


Stop now, many people say you should not pull after June, but most rhubarb was late this year because of the dark wet start to the year.  Stop now, and give the plant the rest of the year to gather strength, mature its roots and dig down for the winter.  It will then shoot up next year for more pies, crumbles, jam etc. yummy!


thanks for that bookertoo i was going to pull some this morning but i will leave it alone now


So, is feeding now a good idea, Bookertoo?

Just pulled my last lot of rhubarb, it hasnt stopped growing. Mine is next to the a compost heap so is enjoying that as well as all the rain. It gets bigger year after year and i really dont do anything to it



We have lots of rhubarb and it's been really juicy this year with all the rain but i'm finding now that stems are getting a bit woody and that's the time to stop and let the plant rest and recuperate.


this is my second year growing Rubarb ,just picked some lovely long red sticks . At the end of September put some well rotted cow muck around the stool but not touching the crown and lightly fork into the soil,


Thanks Derek. I hope horse and/or chicken muck will be just as acceptable.


thank you all for the info

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